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Wymondham High Academy

Art - Fine Art, Art Textiles and Art Multimedia.



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Longterm Curriculum Plan - Art / Textiles / Photography

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The Art Department provides a range of courses which encourages students to develop their own sense of artistic identity by providing students with the practical skills and research methods they need to be very successful at A Level.


Fine Art

The popular Fine Art course has been designed to encourage a broad and creative contemporary approach which allows students to think and reflect critically, build on personal strengths but also develop a solid but rewarding grounding in Fine Art.


Art Textiles

This exciting and innovative ‘hands on’ course involves the creative use of Art Textiles with strong links to historical and contemporary printmakers and Fashion Designers.


Art Multimedia

This hugely popular and unique digital course under the Art specification embraces a range of communication media such as digital photography (including Photoshop manipulation), digital illustration, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modelling, film making and website design.